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In 1974, Jeffrey C. McIntyre, Esq., founded The Law Offices of Jeffrey C. McIntyre.   Due to his continued success, his firm has since grown to become McIntyre & Larson Employment Law Group.  To date, Jeffrey C. McIntyre has won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.   

Jeff is a well known employment law attorney in the Los Angeles and greater Los Angeles areas. This is in part due to his groundbreaking toxic exposure litigation in which he successfully represented around 100 injured workers against Lockheed Martin. The result of this litigation included millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. Following the litigation, his firm continued to fight for employees that fell victim to the aerospace company’s illicit behavior/s.  This ultimately assisted in the overall improvement of the treatment and work conditions for aerospace workers.

Over the past 20-30 years, Jeff has also made a name for himself in successfully representing many employees against the California Department of Transportation.  This involves claims for: failure to promote (glass ceiling); failure to accommodate; discrimination; harassment; retaliation; whistle-blower; hostile work environment; sexual harassment; constructive termination; association with a disabled person; and breach of contract. 

His employment cases have involved virtually all classifications (discrimination): age; gender; religion; race; national origin/ancestry association; sexual orientation; disability; pregnancy; and other medical leaves.  It has been Jeff’s practice to keep his caseload manageable so that he can devote sufficient attention to each respective case.  For this reason, Jeff is very selective in the cases he agrees to personally handle, so that he can provide total attention and dedication to each case. Jeff makes it his regular business practice to be straightforward with all of his clients regarding the possible outcomes of their case/s, including the many complexities and factors that are involved in employment law litigation.

Jeff received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA and his law degree from Loyola Law School.   He graduated from both programs with honors. 

To date Jeff estimates that he has taken close to 3000 depositions and has engaged in hundreds of settlement conferences and mediations, as well as dozens of formal arbitrations and quasi-judicial procedures in a number of different forums and venues. 

Jeff has extensive appellate experience, having handled scores of appeals, including civil and criminal in California and Federal Courts.  This also includes arguing in from of the California Supreme Court, having obtained a reversal of a superior court verdict.

To date, Jeff continues to actively practice law and manage the select cases that McIntyre & Larson Employment Law Group decide to take on.

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